What we don’t know that they might know

Here’s a thought for you. We know there are known knowns (what we know we know) and known unknowns (what we know we don’t know). There are even unknown unknowns (what we don’t know, we don’t know) – which can often be the things that really trip us up.

But there is another possibility – the unknown known – what we don’t know but what is known somewhere else. Now before you turn away from this, consider its meaning in relation to the distribution of knowledge and information in the independence debate. Just how much does Westminster know that we don’t know that they know? For instance, we have to live and die on GERS, which we are told is “the best we have”, despite the constant critiques of such as Jim and Margaret Cuthbert. It is probably true that GERS is the best we have, but its methodological chapter makes clear just how creaky it is. For instance, it admits that the only identifiable public sector revenues for Scotland are local authority, plus some public sector corporations. Other taxes are allocated on a population basis – probably correct but hardly likely to be precise – and various costs attributed to Scotland at the whim of the Treasury. And we are supposed to believe that this tells us anything much about Scotland as an independent country! They must think our heads zip up the back.

But the main point I want to leave with you is how much does the London government know, that we don’t know – for them a known known, for us an unknown known for we don’t have access to the dope. Why don’t they make it public and be done with it? If it was bad news for indy then I have no doubt that they would do exactly that. But they don’t. Do they?

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