Uncle Tom drops a bomb

This morning Tom Gordon in the Herald performs his one trick pony trick of talking about the First Minister. I think he might be a bit annoyed, for he suggests that she is in danger of “making a fool of herself”, and that after all is Tom’s job. I might have written a letter about it, but I have had far too many letters critical of Uncle Tom hit the spike to be bothered, so I wrote this instead hoping that John would not take the same view as Drew Allan. You can find the article here

For goodness sake Tom, you spend most of your time trying to achieve that very outcome. I would have thought you would have welcomed a wee bit of help?

More seriously though, you suggest that her use of “within my power” is plaintiff. However, if she hadn’t added it, what are the odds that you and the rest of that fine body of men and women, committed to finding the truth of the matter (at least your own truth) would have begun to question whether the FM might consider going beyond the powers she has. I mean you guys must be positively salivating at that very possibility for what is she to do when Boris/Liz/ Michael/ Rishi say “Naw”? “First Minister set out illegal actions” – oh I can see it now!

And this is the point Tom. You discuss the position of BoJo, of his successor (whoever that might be), though to your credit you write off poor old Keir (a bit hard anything before three years before an election – maybe he will yet tear his shirt off to reveal he is Superman), but this is not only about London or the Westminster bubble. This is happening in Scotland (remember that nation?) That country? Maybe not, or maybe you don’t want to?). Do you not think that when (personally I doubt if) the FM is told “naw” by whichever muppet is in charge of Downing Street Garden Parties that this will have no effect on support for independence and that it will be positive? Do you remember when George Osborne came all the way up to Edinburgh to make clear there would be no currency union? The expectation was that this would blow a big hole in the independence vote which was still about thirty something percent. Instead, it went up. Telling Scots they can’t have something is not a good idea. Wha’s like us, eh?

You know Tom you really do need to raise your eyes and stop imagining the world only happens in London, or even WM. It doesn’t. What will happen down there with regard to independence over the next few years is actually pretty obvious – non, niet, nein, naw. It’s what follows here that is interesting. Do you not want us to think about that? Perhaps not. But we should be and in advance, not at the time.